Minor cosmetic improvements.

A few minor suggestions to improve the appearance and remove some minor annoyances:-

  1. When ‘Use color of category as text color’ is enabled, the text should retain the same color even when it is selected - currently it turns white.
  2. When ‘Minimize application to tray’ and/or ‘Close application to tray’ are enabled, only these operations should minimize to the tray - currently maximize and restore also cause the window to be minimized to the tray.
  3. When using the Dark theme along with a dark color for ‘Preferred background color’, the area around the mail message should also be colored consistently - currently it remains white.
  4. Provide an option to hide the group separators for ‘Yesterday’, ‘Last Week’, etc, in the message list.
    Also, I’m not sure if this is already available, but would be great to be able to edit themes and preview changes in real time.


Hi Mark.

  1. I totally agree. I use category as text color, and this would be very nice to have.
  2. You can do this already. Right click next to Sorted by and uncheck Show in Groups. This is a global attribute and will apply to all folders - unfortunately.

Hi, have any of these suggestions been acted upon yet? I’m aware that in the six months since my last post, you have only released a single update. There isn’t really much of an incentive to invest in the Pro version of a product that is not really being supported.

Is eM Client going to be seeing more improvements in the coming months, or is what we’ve got now pretty much it?


You can find the release history at http://www.emclient.com/release-history  I think that there were 3 or 4 publicly released updates in the last 6 months.

eM Client is very well supported. For Free License users there is this forum, which I think is an excellent resource. You are getting a really good product with hardly any restrictions, and it is free. If you are using the application for business purposes, then as a Pro License user there is additionally a VIP Support service included at no extra cost.

Generally if there is a lot of support for an idea, it will be considered. But is seems other than my initial comment, there was no other interest. This idea thread is not marked as under consideration.

Regarding your points that I did not comment on before:

  1. I was not able to reproduce this. Maybe it was a bug which has been fixed. In the latest version, maximize and restore do not minimize the application, rather they do what is intended.

  2. You can change this colour by editing the theme. It is not possible to edit themes in real-time.