Minor annoyances with eM Client

  1. The very narrow slide bar makes it awkward to scroll down messages

  2. The taskbar icon shows the unread emails symbol when there are none.

Why can’t these silly little hings get fixed?

I keep asking developers to add a feature for saving sent item in the same folder from where I reply but no luck so far. This is done so conveniently in Outlook. Another annoying thing is when I create an empty folder it moves focus to it and I have to find and reopen my original folder to move my item into the new one. Again, Outlook outbids Em client on this. I have no idea why I need to see that my newly created folder is empty and then dig the whole list to return to previous but developers have a different vision. If I create a new folder, obviously I want to move something in it and loosing my current position just drives me crazy.

You can use another theme that has wider scrollbars, or use the theme editor to edit your current theme so it uses the system scrollbar width.

In most cases the message is created in the Sent folder by your server, not eM Client. But in eM Client it doesn’t matter which folders the messages are saved in, as we display them grouped together in a conversation.

Select the message and by right-click choose Move to Folder. You can then select the folder, or if it doesn’t exist, create it right there. You won’t lose your original position.

Thanks Gary, Classic theme gives me sensibly-sized scroll bar. Now it’s just the erroneous unread mail indications on the task bar icon that need sorting
i.e. I go to my inbox, read unread mail, minimize eM Client,
taskbar icon shows unread mail, maximise em Client and go to inbox, no unread mail,
minimise and unread mail indication disappears.
Very irritating

Could not find how to make the scroll bar wider in editor, but changed the color to green and hover to red and now it’s OK, think the grey color is part of problem. :thinking:

Theme Editor instructions can be found here.

Thanks for help, again :clinking_glasses: