Minimizing to tray and icon disappears

My settings are set with box check to minimize to tray when I click the minimize button. EMClient definitely disappears from the screen…unfortunately, so does the icon, leaving me having to go back through my menu to launch it all over again.
What’s the solution?

I run rocketdock so having a desktop icon for this platform would be phenominal!  I’m shocked to see this is the only software I’ve ever used in 14 years of developing, that did NOT have a desktop icon created at setup. I mean at least let it be an option! Wasting time tracking down the path to restart emclient every time it’s minimalized is ridiculous.

Hello David,

When you minimize to tray, the icon does move from the main toolbar to tray (usually lower right corner of your screen). Creation of a desktop icon is offered as a default option during the installation, it has to be manually unchecked for the application to NOT create it. For creating a shortcut now, please navigate to the application’s installation folder in Program Files, find MailClient.exe, right-click it, select Send to - Desktop (create shortcut) and that should take care of it.


This issue which I am familiar with seems related to the suggestion posted here to change the SysTray icon colours:…

My SysTray’s background is white…
I was about to report that sometimes the icon in the SysTray get whitened out to near invisible but I see that that is a “feature”. An unfortunate colour combination, however.

Mine has the same colour background as I set for the taskbar and the icon is always orange. I guess it is different in Windows 10 than in previous Windows versions.

What version of Windows and eM Client are you using?

Win8.1 (version 6.3.9600 Build 9600) with “corrected user interface” Classic Shell version 4.3.1.

eM Client version 7.1.32088.0

How does the icon appear without the tweaking software installed?

Don’t know. “Classic Shell” loads at startup. I never used it to tweak much. Just mimic the Win7 interface. Don’t actually how to unload it when running. Guess it needs to be disabled in Config.sys or so before rebooting. A bit too much of a hassle…

The eM icon in the SysTray is the only one that goes near invisible. Now that I know it is actually there (in the blank spot) I can live with it.

I didn’t have a version of Windows 7 or 8 to test this on, so can’t be sure. Sorry Ibrahim.

This is why Em client can never get more market share due to being inferior to MS outlook.

As far as I have seen, minimize to tray works exactly as it is supposed to. What happened that you observed otherwise Sibo?

In this forum, check how many people complained that there should an option to enable the system tray icon always on. This issue persisted for many years but never got fixed. On the contrary, Microsoft outlook performed very much on this system tray issue.

That is a bit off topic for this thread, isn’t it? How does the icon disappear when you minimize to tray?

But seeing as you brought it up, I think that the developers may have something a little different to MS Outlook in mind, so you will probably never find exactly the same features here. What would be the point of making an exact clone of the Redmond project? Why have more than one email client anyway, why not just have all 7 billion people on the planet using one application on one operating system? The statistics show that MS Outlook only holds 7% of the market share, and that hasn’t changed much in the past few years. Those applications that do have bigger market shares do not include all the features of MS Outlook, do they?

But there is good news. You are one of 9 people who voted for the idea already posted, and the company is currently considering that proposal.

I saw that. Gmail has more than 3 times the market share of Outlook but has a lot less than half the features. It must be that people don’t consider Outlook to be superior to what they are choosing. Maybe 93% of people want something different.

If you have a choice of what to use, there are a lot of options available. If eM Client does not work for you, find something else. Maybe use MS Outlook; it is not such a horrible application, is it?

What email client are you currently using Sibo, and why did you choose that one?

It doesn’t matter what email client I use. It is all about your customer service slogan" If eM Client does not work for you, find something else. " Why don’t you put this on the front page of your website?

I don’t work for eM Client, Sibo, and my comments are my own. They don’t necessarily reflect those of eM Client Inc.  This is a user supported forum, so those commenting here are users just like you. You are a user aren’t you? 

I do think it is important what email client you are using. You brought up the whole idea that eM Client is inferior to another application. So this begs the question, if you think it is inferior, why are you using it? If you are not using eM Client, I am always interested to know what you are using and why you chose that. But you don’t need to answer, that is also fine. :slight_smile:

But at the end of the day, and I am just heading home now, my point is valid: if this is not working for you, find something else. 

I use MS outlook 365 on my business computer. I am just trying another free email client on a private computer.

Great! I am sure that you will find something that works for you then. In my experience there is not one email client that does everything I want. On Linux I use Evolution, which is pretty good. There used to be a Windows port, but that was discontinued years ago. But Thunderbird is probably the most useful because it is available for most OSs, so you can always take it with you no matter what platform. On Mac I love Mail. In my opinion it is one of the best there is, but that is just me. I recently looked at Mailspring for a pretty alternative. I still prefer eM Client to Mailspring though.