Minimize memory use archives

Hello, i am just starting with eMc and i’ve got a lot of archived e-mails tempory imported (left panel) under ‘user/archives’. For minimize the memory use: Is that the right place for them or do i have to place them under ‘lokal/archives’? Thanks for answering. (

Hi, Yes, archived emails are supposed to be store in Local folders.


Thanks Jan for answering. Does it mean that by storing the old emails in the ‘Local folders’ the use of memory is minimized?
I gave up Thunderbird - even after the appropiate maintenance - because it went very slow after a year of use and I don’t want it to happen again with eMC. I realize my question is very basic but I need to know that piece.

Hi Rob,

I assume you mean the amount of RAM memory used by eM Client?

I don’t think it matters so much for eM Client in which folder you will store your e-mails.

However I’m moving my e-mails from my ‘inbox’ to project related folders under ‘Local Folders’ after having processed them.

OK thank’s Hans, i’ll do the same