migration from thunderbird problems

Using Thunderbird as my email client. Been trying to install eM Client & migrate but lots of problems. I’ve tried auto migrate & also manual migrate- same problems.

. After migrating I end up with many folder names I don’t recognize, usually starting with #PB#.

. I try to rename these folders but rename doesn’t work.

When I do auto migrate I end up with tons of very old emails- don’t know where they’re coming from.

I assume I’m doing something wrong so sure could use some help. Thanks.

Hi, when importing your data from Thunderbird into eM Client, are you using the Import accounts option in eM Client or the import data from Thunderbird? If you were using a POP3 account and the application has imported this account, you might have all your messages available on the server, initial POP3 synchronization synchronizes the whole message list as POP3 accounts do not synchronize your items between the client and the server.

If this is the case you might want to setup your account as IMAP and delete or archive the old messages, using the application with the IMAP protocol would allow you to keep an exact copy of your messages on the server, allowing you to re-setup the account at any time or place - having the application synchronize your account again and you can view the exact same items as you were used to.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the response Paul. I’ve tried both ways- problems are the same. I also don’t understand where the folder names #PB# are coming from. I’m beginning to think eM Client isn’t for me.

I have never had a problem with TB migration myself but I think I remember the old email thing.
You  have to ‘compact’ the TB folders first, because when you delete you just remove the email reference, but the email is not actually deleted. I think the term is ‘compact’ but it’s a while now.