Migrating from Thunderbird, I would like to continue to use my Archive folders. What are my options?

In Thunderbird, I press “a” on mails that I want to keep, and it sorts it into Archives\2013 Archives\2012 etc. folders, based on the mail date.

I can see that there is an automatic archiving feature, but the text indicates that the archiving would happen locally instead of on the IMAP server, which is not what I want.

eM Client does support server sided archiving - if eM Client detects an Archive folder new button will appear in the main toolbar. Clicking that button will move selected message to the Archive folder on your server.

I can’t reproduce this. I have a folder named “Archive” and one named “Archives”, and there is no button. I’m using 5,0.18025.0, and the accounts have been imported from Thunderbird.

If you name a folder Archive it does not mean that it is server’s Archive folder. It must be special folder flagged as Archive.

Ok, and how do I make a folder an Archive folder?

Also, this is a regular IMAP account, not Gmail.

It must be set on the server - there is RFC for that.