Migrating from dead Windows machine to Mac

My spouse has been using eM Client for years on her Windows 10 PC and had a lot of emails in her local folders. Unfortunately the PC experienced a glitch that caused a problem where it is no longer able to boot - despite all efforts we have been unable to recover! We can still get to the hard drive using the command line and have been able to copy her files to an external drive, including her eM client backups.

We’d like to restore the latest backup onto a Mac. I understand from the forum that in order to do that the eM client versions need to be the same. How can I check via command line on the PC which version she had on the PC? I think she set it up in 2017 or so…

Unfortunately some key emails, like most of her sent emails from 2021, are not on the server. Our only hope is to restore the backup offline, then connect via imap this time. We have a small business and of course these were business emails, ugh.

Thanks in advance. This has been an awful week in PC land.

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I was able to open my PC version of eM client on an old Win 7.1 laptop. It is version 8.2.1659. The Mac version is 8.2.1687. Not a whole lot of difference.

The trouble is that when I attempt to restore the backup on the Mac, the zip file is greyed out. What am I missing?

As long as you use the “same or later version” of eM Client you can restore your backup.zip file.

Make sure that on your Mac you put the eM Client backup in the “same / equivalent profile backup location / folder” as it was on the PC or it won’t work. Also make sure you have “Admin access” to that backup profile location / folder on the Mac.

Go to “Menu / Settings / General / Backup” and see what the location is where you had the backup on your Windows 7.1 laptop to check. It would normally be by default backed up in eg: “C:\users\yourname\documents\eM Client” on Windows OS.

Thanks for the reply. I tried unzipping the backup on the Mac and pointing the storage folder to the new location and that seems to have worked. I now have the restored emails! All that remains is to get my license activated so that I can receive new emails.

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I should say that alice_r is the same person as erica_r in this case!

Do you have your old license key ?

No. I’m not sure where it would have been.

Ok go to the following eM Client page and enter your email address you registered with intially and you will get your license key emailed to you. You will need to go to your webmail or mobile to get the key.

Lost activation key.


Once you got your license key, then go to eM Client in the menu and you can then enter your licence on the dropdown menu near the bottom.

Thanks, I’m all set! What a relief!!

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I expect if you pay a repair technician a few quid they will be able to fix your Windows 10 PC too :slight_smile:

Just saying…