Migrateing / Importing messages and folders from Windows live Mail.

I have been using WLM for a long time I have many messages, and messages with photo’s in folders. Just recently WLM will not allow me to send an email. My email domain is that of my ISP provider, it works fine, but lacks luster. all that being said will I be able to get those folders on

Yes, eM Client has the option to import from Windows Live Mail. After installing eM Client, when you open it the first time, you should be asked if you want to import from your existing email client. If you were not asked that, or you chose not to, you can import at any time using Menu > File > Import > Windows Live Mail.

If your Windows Live Mail was setup as IMAP, then you do not need to import because as soon as eM Client syncs with the email server, all your email will be there. Of course this also depends on how your emails were stored in Windows Live Mail. Any local folders can be imported if they are not synced.

This option appears to no longer be available!  Is there any way that I can still import my Windows live Mail folders into eM Client???Help!

The option is only available if WLM is installed on the computer.

UGH!  I am so screwed!  My WLM started acting up a couple of days ago, and I ended up with a ‘blank’ version of it.  I tried to set it up from scratch, and couldn’t get it to work.  I tried repairing it.  Yesterday I finally decided to uninstall it  . . . with the plans to reinstall it right after.  But it is now COMPLETELY gone from my PC, and there is no place for me to get a copy - the download option is gone.  Which is why I WENT to the emclient – so I could get my folders to link up to a mail service again.  Are you aware of ANY way for me to get a copy of WLM to install on my PC again – so that I can link the folders (which are still there) to emclient???

As far as I know when you uninstall WLM it deletes the message folders C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail, or another location if you changed that in WLM.

But if you still have them, WLM stores all the messages as .eml files inside those folders. They should be named the same as they were in WLM, so Inbox, Sent etc. Inside each folder are the eml files that are the messages.

Create the same folder three in eM Client, then you can drag these files from Windows Explorer to the corresponding folders in the eM Client application.

Thanks but I am not getting the option to import from Windows Live Mail, possibly because I am using eM Client on a different PC. But I can’t download Windows Live Mail onto this one and transfer my contacts that way either. Most of the emails have come through but not the ones I had in local storage.

Hello Janet, I am experiencing similar problems, much sympathy. Susannah

If WLM is not installed on the computer, you are not given the option in the import dialogue.

As I commented below, WLM stores local messages in %appdata%. You can use Menu > File > Import > Email (.eml) and point to that directory. Or you can drag-and-drop them into eM Client directly from Windows Explorer.

Thanks. The first option doesn’t work, I will again. What is very annoying is that I downloaded eM Client onto the old PC (on which I had been using WLM) and all my contacts transferred to that correctly, but they have not transferred to eM Client on the new PC and I am stuck with just the handful I added manually. I will add them in slowly and probably abandon several of them. Thanks for writing though.

If the eM Client contacts on the old PC are not synced with the same server as eM Client on the new PC, then they will not transfer. If the same account is setup, you can move them from local folders to the account contacts folder and they will sync.

To do it manually, once you have the contacts in eM Client on the old PC, you can use Menu > File > Export > Export contacts to vcf files. Then move the files created to the new PC and choose Menu > File > Import > Contacts as vCard.

Thank you very much. I will try that but can’t do it immediately. You are very kind to offer so much help!