Migrate to a new user profile from domain account that is no longer accessable

I have a user that was on an old domain account (That we recently deactivated) forcing this user to recreate their domain profile. 

my question is  Where does EM Client store the contact data so that i can migrate it in to the new profile? Like I said, the old profile is now inaccessible, so doing the normal export routine wont work and this user never set up any sort of backup prior. 

Hi Brad, if you were using an IMAP account (so your contacts were fetched from the server and synchronized with the server). And you don’t have this data in eM Client currently it is not possible to access these data anymore.
If the account is inaccessible there’s no option to download the data anymore.
But if these contacts were synchronized with eM Client prior to the deactivation you should still be able to access this data in Contacts and export them into VCards.

Hope this helps,