Microsoft Teams Link seems too long for em Client

When I receive Microsoft teams invitations, and accept them in em Client, they are added to my calendar as expected, but sometimes the link text shown in the “Link:” field doesn’t work. Given usually the link also appears in the Description field, I realized that when the link does not work, it’s because em Client has cut the link short. The link shown in the “Link:” field, in my case, is 177 characters, but the link shown in the description field (which works) is around 242 characters long. So until now, I have been clicking on the Link: field, and if it doesn’t work, I click on the link in the Description. But yesterday I had a meeting with a client, and the link did not show up in the Description field for some reason… and the link in the Link: field was broken… so I didn’t have a way to connect to the meeting.

Seems like an em Client bug to me. Please make the field larger. Thanks.

This bug has already been addressed and the fix will be in version 10.

Thank you. Approximate release date?