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It would be great if, when you click reply, the reply header takes on the style that matches Microsoft Outlook (with the horizontal rule, and nicely styled details). The current reply style looks very unprofessional and looks like it was composed from a webmail interface. We use an email client on our Android devices that when you click “reply” it creates an “outlook type reply” that looks very close to, if not exactly like a reply outlook would send, so I can’t image this would be difficult to implement in a future release of eM client…

This is the sole reason why we have chosen not to use eM client in our business. We will continue to check back on the version history, and if this feature is implemented, we would most definitely without a doubt switch all of our users to eM client.
Example of reply styles are below:

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Agree that eM Client should use Outlook style reply headers or have an option to enable Outlook style headers as a choice. Most businesses are concerned about their perception and style when they communicated with customers and business partners. The reply header that Jason included above does not look “business professional” as compared with Outlook. If eM Client wants to move companies off of Outlook and to their product, they need to cleanup the basic look in the email presentation.

I agree with this idea. Presentation is important and the eM Client Reply style is very dated. While cosmetic, this is important functionality for those trying to move away from Outlook.

Is there an ETA for when this will be implemented?

10 months later, I still don’t have my hopes up of an implementation. We are still trying to transition off of Outlook. emClient has everything we want, however, the unprofessional looking reply header is still a deal breaker for our business.

This will be definitely implemented in the upcoming version 6 which will be released in 2-3 months.

Hi George - It has been 3 months. When should we expect version 6 to be released.


6th version is supposed to be released in mid to late autumn (october preferably).

We had much time with new update for 5th version which was needed to be released fast as our customer base grows steadily and we need to provide much more professional experience.

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Looks like this feature was attempted to be implemented but a complete fail. It could have been good if HTML formatting was allowed, but still completely unprofessional looking.…

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