Microsoft Office 365 Email

I can connect to Microsoft Office 365 email server using Outlook client.

With eM Client I get an error when I attempt to add the account:

“The server was found, but authentication fail. Check the email address and password.”

I am the admin for Office 365 + Azur + Active Directory, is there any way to enable eM client to connect to the Exchange server?

I am running eM trial myself but can’t roll it out to others unless we are able to connect to Office 365.

I have the exact same problem.
I’m willing to pay for EM Client to cut down on Outlook cost (~30 licenses), but I can’t seem to make EM Client work.
I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place…
We mostly have Apple computers in the office, and Apple Mail has some kind of syncing problem.
My IT sub-contractor is an MS license vendor, so he only supports the Outlook client, and I have to buy a license of EM Client if I want support…
I’m this close to pulling the plug on my O365 integration project.

Hello Azad, Steve,

If you experience problems while connecting to MS 365 accounts, please contact me directly at

Thank you.

Version 8 beta works.

Yes, lots of improvements.

Curious that the name of the setup file has not followed the announced change
for the Beta - to a more descriptive name as discussed here:

It is still setup.msi setup.pkg

When you click on your link it saves the file using the version number as the name.

Hi Charlie,
You’re right, but that will only occur after at least one or more browser redirects -
(This will add emclient and replace the / (slash) with a .  (dot) and thus getting this file
from a different repository)
-and if those are not allowed by your AV or browser security settings,the download will fail.
Mitigating factors are that it is an .msi file and signed by DigiCert.

Even so,  I wonder why they chose these convoluted redirects
because this is typically what viruses and malware employ to gain entry
to your system and create havoc.

It remains to be seen if others will experience the interference mentioned above.