Microsoft Oauth (Exchange): does not get inbox messages

my corporate email on Microsoft 365 worked correctly for a long time with EmClient,
but several days ago EmClient stopped to receive inbox messages (no connection errors).

Account settings:
Offline adderss book:
Exchange web services:
“Diagnostic” button is disabled for accounts like this one (when “Exchange web services” URL is ised instead of IMAP / SMTP).

Please help!
EmClient v7.0.27943.0 for Windows.

I would suggest to backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then remove and re-add your Outlook Exchange account via following this eM Client Exchange support webpage.

Email Client for Microsoft Exchange | eM Client

The other issue could be that you are running a very old version of eM Client and may not support all the latest Outlook Exchange OAuth etc. So you may need to upgrade to the latest V8 or V9.

If you want to try the latest V8 or V9 go to the eM Client version history page and d/l, which will automatically upgrade your current version. Remember to backup your current eM Client first and put the V7 file in a separate folder incase you need to restore that backup if any problems.

Note:- When you backup eM Client, the file by default for Windows goes in the following folder C:\users\yourname\documents\eM Client unless you have changed that via “Menu / Settings / General / Backup”.