Meteo in Agenda still visible with Meteo off

I turned on the Wheather check-box in Calendar and several Activities appeared in Agenda. When I turned off the Wheather check-box the Activities still are there. Is there a way to eliminate?

Are you referring to the Agenda Side-bar, or the Agenda view of your calendar?

What are theses activities? They certainly have nothing to do with the weather as it is not displayed in either of the agenda views.

Yes, I mean the Agenda sidebar.

On the sidebar on the right there are several “Previsioni” (italian term for “wheather forecast”) for the next days. They appeared when I switched the check button “Weather” on and didn’t disappeared when off.

Those items do not come from eM Client, but from your calendar.

If you hover your mouse over one of them you will see which folder (calendar) they are in. You can either remove that calendar from eM Client, or click on the setting icon next to Agenda and select which folders to display.

Hi Gary.
I looked for some configutation item on Google Calendar in order to delete Weather forecat on Google Calendar. I noticed that Google removed that feature and now it is no more available, so I wonder where emclient get such data. Could it be a bug  due to some missing link to the old feature?

If the weather items are a separate folder in your Google Calendar, then you can delete the calendar using the web interface.

Or, as a separate folder you can choose not to display them in the Agenda side-bar.

Thanks Gary. The last one solved the problem!