Messed up installation on my laptop.

Well, that’s what happens when you think you know what your doing.

I read the post that explained how to duplicate your desktop eM Client on another computer and thought I understood it.
However, I moved the wrong (what I thought was the backup file) and the program wouldn’t open.
So I uninstalled eM Client, deleted the associate directories and reinstalled. 
But, after the new install it still won’t open.  I guess there must still be an error file left in the system that prevents the program from opening, because I get the following message:

eM Client was not closed correctly the last time.  To ensure your date is safe several checks need to be performed.
     Checking for corrupted database . . . Done (OK)
     Checking for inconsistent data . . . Failed

I have searched for any reminant file that may be causing the problem, but without any luck.

So, I’m appealing to a higher authority.

I see the mistake I made originally, but can’t get it to run so I can correct it.


Hi John, can you please tell me what folder you’ve moved or tried moving to another computer.
With which files have you been manipulating?

Thank you,


The procedure I was supposed to follow was to do a backup of my desktop eM Client and copy that backup to a thumb drive.  Then I was to take that to my laptop and, from my installed eM Client program, restore the file on the thumb drive.

I misunderstood and did a backup, but copied the wrong file to the thumb drive and then copied that file directly to the laptop’s eM directory.  (User, etc.)

The file may have been mail_data.dat, but I’m not sure.

Sorry to be such a nuisance.


Hi John, so you’ve just copied this single file onto your new computer?
Unfortunately it’s not possible to restore your data from this single file, but if you still have your previous database available go to your local folder > App Data > Roaming, and copy the whole eM Client folder into the same folder on your new computer (into the Roaming folder). Or simply open your previous instance of eM Client and go to File > Backup and a single Backup file will be created allowing you to restore your data on your new computer.

If you don’t have your old data available, please go to your local folder > App Data > Roaming on your current computer, and delete the eM client folder (the one with the wrong file copied inside), next time you open the application a new database should be automatically created allowing you to setup your accounts from scratch.

Hope this helps,


I now know how to correctly backup the desktop eM and restore it to the laptop.  The problem is, when I re-install eM Client onto my laptop and try to run it so I can restore the backup,  I get an error message (I don’t have access to my laptop now) that won’t let eM Client run.  That’s why I think there must be some residual file left on the laptop that’s telling eM that it did not close correctly last time and keeps it from running.
Even after uninstalling eM and re-installing it, I get the same error and it won’t run.

Hi John, if you’re having issues with running your old eM Client installation, I could use the error message displayed that prevents the application from opening. When you get access to your laptop, can you please copy the error message or make a screenshot of it when it occurs and post it here on the forum?

Thank you,

Thanks Paul,
Your suggestion worked great.  eM Client is now up and running on my laptop.
Thanks for the assistance.

Hi again, great, I’m glad it’s working, please make sure to let us know if you come across this or any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,