Messages open in background when I click on notification

Hello there, on windows 10 when I get a new message notification I click on it to read the incoming message, but the message window always opens in the background, behind all my other windows.

Is there a way to get them to open on top of my other windows so i can read them straight away? I have searched the support pages and forums but can’t find the topic anywhere.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi father_giles, reported here (known bug going back to March)


Thank you for the bug report.
Please try installing the newest version from and let us know if it solved the issue.


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Thanks for following up, I have briefly tested with some incoming messages since updating to latest version and it seems to work as expected now.

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Unfortunately this has not fixed the problem for me.

Hello, spoke too soon. It did appear to work a few times after the update, but now all messages are opening in the background again…

Hello, I have the same issue since Ver 8 install. Clicking on Windows 10 notification used to open the new message, but now it just flashes the icon on my toolbar. I have version 8.0.3385.