Messages not received

  1. eM notified me this morning about a configuration error. I ran the diagnostics for SMTP and POP, both of which were then deemed OK. My backup Gmail account [which is set up to receive messages to the same email address as with eM] shows two test messages sent about 14 minutes ago. Yet these do not appear in my eM global inbox. Why?

  2. I have been using eM for only two or three days, yet I have encountered such configuration errors twice. Each time they were similarly resolved. Why do I keep getting them?

  1. If your account is setup as POP3, the messages will not be received instantly. That will only happen when the account syncs with the server. You can change the frequency that happens in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization. Also check that in your account settings, Menu > Tools > Accounts, at the bottom of the General tab that the account is included when sending/receiving emails.

  2. It is possible that the server settings are still not correct. For GMail your POP settings should be port 995, and security policy is Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy).

Thanks, Gary. I did not know what eM meant by “synchronize”; thanks for explaining. I’ve now changed the interval to 1 minute. Is there a downside to doing so?

I don’t depend on Gmail for my incoming mail. I get my mail through my ISP, but have instructed Gmail to fetch copies of all that incoming mail. My ISP (with considerable difficulty) dictated my eM settings.

There is no downside to reducing the interval as far as POP3 email goes. If you have online calendars and contacts, they will also sync to that interval, so that may cause eM Client to be continually syncing. Unless there is a specific reason to use POP3, IMAP would be a better option as far as syncing goes. You should get a real-time sync of your Inbox, and the sync frequency in settings will then only apply to calendars and contacts.