Messages Not Downloading

Please help someone! Up until 1 - 2 days ago emclient was working so well. It has stopped downloading messages. I have done a diagnosis, it says there is nothing wrong, but there is. Can’t attached the log file here but can email it to someone if you let me know.

Any assistance please.


yes, could you please mail the log to
Also can you provide more information about the behavior of the application? Are there maybe three dots shown next to your email or anything else that could help us solving the issue?

Thank you.


Hi again,
I’ve received the logs from you, but unfortunately those don’t tell us anything.

As I mentioned can you please provide more information about the behavior of the application as well if there are any errors showing up.

If you’re using IMAP we could use IMAP logs you can get those by going to
Tools > Settings > Advanced > and check the IMAP box for your account on the list.

Save the settings and restart your eM Client and to make sure click the Send and Receive, if nothing happens as you mentioned go back to the Advanced Settings window and click on Send Logs… please add my email to copy and a reference to this topic.

Thank you.