Messages not downloaded for hours; manual download not working

Since the latest version update, eMClient has developed several bugs/problems. Now messages won’t download until hours after they arrive on the original server (iCloud and Gmail). I am unable to download them manually; when I click the Send and Receive button nothing happens. Today I went on the Gmail page and found 10 messages which hadn’t downloaded to eM Client, each was several hours old. Manual download in eM Client did nothing. I’ve tried downloading for one account at a time as well, makes no difference. I un/reinstalled emClient yesterday (so I should have the latest version), no difference.

I’ve had the same issue. You can right click the folder, go to properties, and “repair” it to get it to work, but when new messages come in you’ll have the same issue. 

Also have a lot of issues where attachments won’t download at all without the same process.

Hello Patti, if you’re having issues with the sync speed, can you please check the exact release number of your eM Client in Help > About and submit it to us here?

Are you seeing any errors when trying to synchronize your account with eM Client? Are you possibly using any security software on your computer, that may have disabled the application’s ability to connect to the server? Are you having issues with both your iCloud and Gmail account or just one of your accounts?

Thank you,