Messages in IMAP inbox deleted with no one at computer

I’ve been using eM Client Pro version 6.0.23181.0 since the beginning of August.  We have 7 IMAP email accounts on it, 4 belonging to Chris (me) and 3 to Pauline.  This morning, Pauline logged onto the computer, checked her email, and then switched to my default inbox (cd@xxxx), where there was plenty of mail.  By the time I came to check it half an hour later, the inbox was completely empty.  I thought it might be a problem with eM Client, so closed and re-opened it, but the inbox was still empty, so I checked the account via webmail, where the inbox was also empty.  I contacted my ISP, who said there was no problem at their end and asked whether I use ‘any 3rd party mail clients at all? As these can sometimes login to the mail server and wipe emails off it if they have permissions set’. 

 The ISP later checked its server and found that the instruction to delete did come from eM Client. They sent me the following information: 

‘When we checked the server log, the email client had sent delete requests to remove the messages, similar to the below:  

Sep 23 08:22:27 cd@xxxxxx): delete: box=INBOX, from=Tony Bell <tony@xxxxxxx>’ 

The ISP further confirmed that “The delete command was sent by something logged into the mailbox using an IMAP connection.” 

So, for some reason, eM Client decided to empty my inbox while no one was sitting at the computer.  I am naturally very concerned about this, as no email client I’ve previously used has ever done anything like this.  Can anyone advise me what happened and how to prevent it in the future?  I would like to keep using eM Client, but will not be able to if this remains a danger.

Luckily, my ISP is excellent and was able to find a back-up file to restore the mail.  All of it is back on webmail, with correct dates and times. While t has also appeared in my eM Client mailbox, all mail sent before yesterday has yesterday’s date and the time my eM Client inbox received it.


Hello Chris,
I am sorry that you experienced this situation and I’m glad you didn’t lose your data in the end, but if you are a PRO licence user please consult your problem with PRO support which is a service available to you where our Engineers will analyze your problem >

This forum is designed for FREE license users who might not experience the same issues (as I’ve yet to encounter this problem here) and you’ll get a better care at the PRO support.

Best wishes,

I was supposed to have a TeamViewer session, but I couldn’t get the software to run or to install on Firefox or Chrome, soTeam Viewer aborted its own installation. I thought in the meantime I could get some info here.