When I move a message to a folder it just disappears.  It is not in my inbox anymore nor is it in the folder I am trying to move it to.  I have lost 2 messages so far and these are very important messages as now I have no record of the ACH payment my customer alerted me to.  This is a HUGE deal breaker for me.  I have looked in every folder for these 2 messages (including trash, drafts and Junk email) and have not found it. 

Try exiting the app (close it out) then re-run. I see something similar on where I delete an email and the next one disappears before I can even read it. Not in trash or junk either. If I exit then go back in, it reappears. This is random and erratic.

EJP, I think that was fixed a long time back, certainly with the introduction of version 7 in 2016.

Crystal, is the with a GMail or GSuite hosted account? If it is, look in the All Mail folder. I suggest if you cannot resolve it yourself, you open a support ticket with eM Client, and they will be able to assist you further.

EJP, I had already tried exiting the app before I posted the comment but I really appreciate your help in trying to figure it out.  I was’t receiving email last Friday and closing the app and reopening worked for that.

Gary, I did find it in my All Mail folder which I initially hid when setting up my folders.  I didn’t even think to look in there.  

Thank you both!!!

This happens for me as well!
Emails disappear when i move between folders.
I’m not using Gmail so I don’t have an All Mail folder.
What should I do??

I can reproduce this very easily.
It’s only when I move to and/or from Inbox. Not every time, but way too often.
When I move to and from other folders, the email always stays.
But then I move it to Inbox, and maybe back and then to Inbox again. And then nothing. Email gone.