Messages disappear when renaming a gmail subfolder in eMClient

I have my gmail email account installed on eMClient and use lots of subfolders to categorise my email traffic. I use eMClient for all my email activity rather than the google mail app etc. Everything works perfectly and syncs everything I do, including when I create new subfolders in eMClient.  However, yesterday I tried to rename a gmail subfolder (inc. nested sub sub folders) in eMClient but immediately all the messages in the renamed folder disappeared! When I checked my Gmail account online at Google the renamed folder appears OK as do all the underlying messages - so why don’t the messages appear in the renamed folder in eMClient? I have tried to manually sync , reboot, reload etc. but nothing works. Where are my messages in eMClient? Thank goodness they still appear in my googlemail online account! What is wrong and how do I fix it in eMClient>?

Hi, Doug. I have the same problem.  Did you find an answer?  Thanks!

Hi Doug
The work around for me was to completely uninstall eM client from my PC and then download afresh copy of the programme from eM Clients website. Then I set it up on the PC again and entered all the details of my Gmail account again. Hey Presto all my saved folders and messages on the Google servers were immediately downloaded into eM client on the PC including the renamed folder and underlying messages so all is well. No guarantee this will work for you but don’t forget to backup everything before you start!

Thank you, Doug! I’ll give it a try.

Did you try to right-click on the main account folder and choose Properties > Repair?

Hi, Gary.  I did, indeed, but there was no change. Thanks!

I found the same issue but I renamed the label within gmail online. The only way eM would redisplay the messages is if I renamed the label back again.

My workaround was to create new labels and move the mails from one to the other rather than rename!!!