Messages appearing in "All Mail" but nowhere else

eM presently shows 265 messages filtered to “All Mail”, but most of these messages do not show up anywhere else. Not in my inbox, not in folders, not in trash, not in junk E-mail, and not in sent items. A great number of them also show as “Unread”, but I do not have any “Unread” e-mails in my primary account Inbox. When I look at them in “Unread”, they show as coming from my primary e-mail account. i.e. the one that is associated with the “Inbox” folder. If I go to “All Mail” I can delete them and then they will disappear.

I have checked Gmail on the web interface and those messages do not appear there either.

A number of these of course also appear in my Inbox or Sent or in personal folders … that I can understand, but why do the rest not show up in my Inbox for my primary e-mail account? it’s a bit annoying to have to go to both the “Inbox” and to “All Mail” to read and hence delete messages.

I have checked Gmail on the web interface and those messages do not appear there either

That is strange your Gmail on the web is the same as though something has happened in your actual mailbox online where eM Client will then just mirror the same if your have setup a normal IMAP Gmail acct in eM Client.

If you are a eg: Google One or Google Gsuite paying customer I would suggest to contact Google support for help as seems to be mailbox related issue to me.

Or if not a Google One / Gsuite customer, suggest to contact Google via their forums online.

The way the Gmail works is that there is a single folder for all messages - All Mail. If a message has a label like Inbox, it also appears in an virtual folder called Inbox. If it has a label like Sent, it also appears in a virtual folder called Sent.

If the message has no labels, it will still be in All Mail, but not appear in any of the virtual folders.

Labels can be removed manually, by filter, or if you archive a message.

Not really. All eM Client does is give you a cached view of what is on the Google server. So if the messages have no labels in Gmail, thus only in All Mail, they will appear exactly the same in eM Client.

Thanks Gary and cyberzork for your replies. It appears then that gmail is inconsistent with what appears in the virtual folder, “Inbox” (in Gmail webmail and hence to the eM client “Inbox”) and what does not and hence appears only in “All Mail” in the eM Client. In all cases the relevant messages appearing only in “All Mail” (both in Gmail Webmail and the eM client) are of the “Promotions” type, that are sent from some automated server from some vendor (and yes, I had subscribed to them). However, that is inconsistent as well since some messages from the same vendor (same e-mail address and same type of content) appear in the “Inbox” (in Gmail and hence eM client) and some stay only in “All Mail”. So I guess it has to do with the idiosyncrasies of how Gmail processes mail. I guess I need to post this on some Google forum to get some sort of clarification.