Messages all mixed up, some displaying in html

Many of my messages are mixed up, i.e. the message displays as being from a certain sender on a particular date, but the content is from a completely different message.

Additionally, some messages display in html and are unreadable.

I have tried “repair” on the inbox folders (I have two accounts set up), which fixes some of the messages but by no means all of them.

I’m wondering if completely removing then re-installing my accounts might help, or whether there are any other remedies for this problem?

Version is 8.1.876 on Windows 10 64bit (20H2)

Also… it seems to be a problem with older messages going back more than a month or so, recent messages seem unaffected.

First thing to do is upgrade to the latest version available for download from the Release History.

Then, if the problem is still there, we can look at other options.

Hi Gary, thanks for the suggestion. Have downloaded and installed latest version, “repaired” folders again… but no change, messages still displaying incorrectly.

So that is the next suggestion. If you login to your email account using the web interface for the provider, and all the messages look as they should, then removing the account from eM Client and adding it again, should duplicate what is on the server.

Actually… it seems I spoke too soon. Having left it for a while, everything seems OK now. I suppose it just took a little while to re-synchronize.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

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