Message temporarily unavailable

Am getting “MailClient.Storage.Application.ItemOperationException: Message temporarily unavailable”
Tried many things and finally I:
1 Copied the eMClient database to a safe place
2. Uninstalled eMClient
3. Re-installed eMClient
4. re-created my email account, sent myself a test email - all OK
5. Closed eMClient, re-opened - still all OK
6. Deleted “new” database, replaced with the “old” database.
7. Considered suicide - Message temporarily unavailable is BACK !
What could be in the “old” database that would cause this??

Can you try the option I gave in this post:

Hi Gary, thanks for taking the time to help - much appreciated.
Can you tell me to which “folder” you are referring?

Yes, the folder where the message is located. Probably the Inbox.

But if you don’t know which folder, another option is to just remove the email account from eM Client, then add it again.

Before removing an account, make a backup using Menu > Backup.

Thanks Gary,
All seems OK for now
I ended up re-installing eMClient as there were only emails in the programme.
Since I’m using IMAP, all emails were still on the server and I lost nothing.
(It would have been interesting to know what in the old database was causing the problem)

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It may have been some corruption in the database and sometimes it is just easier to start again than find the fault. Glad that worked out for you. :smile:

This is the advantage of storing your data on a server; you can just set up your account on another computer, or delete your existing database, and the data is unaffected.