Message stuck in inbox - 2nd postiing.

This problem was posted about 4 months ago by someone else but received no replies. I have a message stuck in my inbox that cannot be deleted or moved. I have tried all of the menus for deleting and nothing works. Please help.

I also have this problem. Got about 20 emails, they’re not on the webmail when I log in, they’re marked as unread, but have no content in them, can’t move them or delete them by any means, tried uninstalling and deleting the database then reinstalling, they appeared right away

Thank you for your reply. Hopefully we will get an answer from Technical Support at eM.

Think I’m gonna try Mailbird Lite. Second best one according to Tech Radar. Hopefully that one works.

Hello Aleta,

In this case we would recommend removing the account and then adding it again, please just note that locally stored data associated with that account will be lost. Please let us know if this solved your issue.

Thank you,

Hello Mark,

We’re sorry that you experience this issue. Could we please just ask you to specify what exactly did you delete when you say you ‘deleted the database’?

Thank you,

Yes, it worked. I also had to go to the account on the internet and delete the Trash folder before they went away. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

How do I remove the account?

Okay, it’s in Menu > Tools > Accounts > Remove.

I had to do this, then go to Bluehost Horde mail, Options > Mail > Deleted messages and set deleted mails to go to trash, manually delete them all here, then re-add the account in emclient.

Hope that helps someone.

Hello everybody,

We’re glad to hear the issues have been resolved, thank you for describing what worked.