Message split into parts....


I see this issue only with messages from one specific sender but it seems to be an eM-Client - issue:

The Sender writes some Text,
then adds an Attachment, and
writes some more text below that attachment.

eM-Client seems split the message up into 3 parts:

the first part of Text he wrote, the Attachment, and the second part of text - also as attachment!

When reading this message via WebMail it ́s shown properly.

I know that this might be caused by the Sender or rather his eMail-Application (Outlook on MacOSX).
I already asked the sender to re-send to my other Addresses for more checks…

But since WebMail does handle this properly, I guess eM-Client should take a closer look into this…



Update:  HTML-eMail is evil

I asked the Sender (mentioned above) to compose a test-massage with mixed structure…

Text  + attachments (or embedded elements) + Text  etc etc.
(since I noticed that such Messages are displayed broken/split in eM-Client…)

…and send it to 2 of my eMail accounts.


* The Sender is using Apple-Mail (not Outlook, as I guessed…)

* eM-Client  shows the message only up to the first “content-chance” = until the first embedded Image (which is not shown) = Text missing, embedded Images missing.

* GMail (WebMail) shows the Message semi-correct =  Text complete, embedded Images missing.

* UPC (Internet-Provider - WebMail) show the Message correct (surprised me…)
= Text complete, embedded Images shown

* Google Mail-App on Android:  Text complete, embedded Images missing.
(another test showed: GMail is capable to display embedded Images…)

My conclusion: problems on both ends:
* eM-Client handles the message worst. (compared to 2 webMail-Interfaces and the Google Mail APP)
* the Sender-Application seems to produce “non-Standard”-Content (well… “Apple”…)

Any Ideas, eM-Client?


I created Screenshots, but will post resized Versions here… bigger ones are available on request…


GMail (webMail):


Nobody else has this problem?


Hello Fritz,
I was not aple to replicate the problem, can you export these messages as EML files and send them to me (
Please also add a link to this forum thread to the body of the message.


Thanks in advance.


Hi Olivia,

Any News on this Issue?

Today I received one more of those “broken” messages which is
shown “less broken” by my Tablet-APP than eM-Client does.
(Version 7.0.27943.0)

Thanks in Advance,

Hello Fritz,
unfortunately I haven’t heard back from our team yet, as this issue has a slightly lower priority compared to other issues we’re currently dealing with.
I sent a few reminders around so hopefully I get an answer soon though :slight_smile:
Thank you for understanding.


Hi Olivia,

Thanks for your Reply.

I am not trying to hurry you :slight_smile:
I just wanted to ask if you perhaps need additional Information from my side,
but I guess you already have all whats needed to reproduce the issue…

kind regards,

Hello Fritz,
so I finally got a response, apparently this is a known issue with older versions of Apple Mail.

With eM Client 6 there was unfortunately no way for us to work around this with the IE core we used at that time.
And the same issue happened with Outlook, so it can be assumed this is/was indeed Appe Mail bug.
Sometimes it apparently also made a difference how the image was added (drag and drop vs insert button).

We tested the newest Apple Mail (Sierra 10.12) and the issue does not happen (or did not happen during our testing) so it’s possible Apple fixed something on their side as well.
Providing a fix to this issue is on our list and will be included in one of the future updates, but the priority is yet to be decided by the developers.

Hope this information is helpful.


Hi Olivia,

Thanks a lot for your Answer!

kind regards

Update to Olivia:

Tested: Thunderbird  portable does display the Test-Message (sent with Apple-Mail) properly.
Sorry to say that: but the more I test, the more it seems to be an “eM-Client”-Issue.

Of course its only a limited number of people out there using Apple Mail, but my
tests show that eM-Client does not properly display such messages.



Hi Fritz,

You do extremely well at describing a problem.  Especially one as complex as this. My hat is off to you.

My 2 cents, I think it’s Apples fault.  8-)  When I’m not fighting with MS, I’m fighting with Apple. lol

I gave up arguing with eM Client about this years ago. I suppose if you search you’ll find my posts on it, but you covered the subject well. At the time I found that eM Client was the only application failing  to display Apple mail properly. It may seem as though use of Apple mail is in the minority, but it depends upon your field. I work with Japan, and with a lot of designers, so I get tons of Apple mail.

What particularly angered me about eM Client’s response was that they repeatedly told users to go complain to Apple, which is like saying to your  customers “Please note that the answer to your problem is to go spit into the wind.”


I have the same issue, just throwing my hat in the ring here.  My biggest problem is when a client using apple mail forwards another email.  For example if client A forwards an email from person B and has this text below, I will only see the email from client A.  Person B’s text will be gone, and attached as an "unnamed attachment’.  This is extremely frustrating because I have been caught out before and not realised that text is missing.  Not only that, when I go to forward the same thread again, the text is gone forever!  If i switch to plain text in the settings menu, everything shows up as it should - but I hate the look of this, and it means I can’t do what I need to with formatting at times.  Perhaps the Html decoding with Chromium is the issue? I’m no programmer but I’m thinking this is the first place to look based on the work arounds I have tried.

I am about 3 emails away from disbanding Em client altogether after 2 years of loyal use.

Hmmm . . .

AirMail and Apple Mail are notorious for not playing well with non Apple clients. Often they send html that only looks exactly as the sender intended when viewed on an Apple client. Could this be related?

There’s plenty of non-apple clients that play nicely, such as outlook, thunderbird, mailbird, to name a few that I’ve tried.  I dont see why EM Client can’t work towards solving the problem in the same way these clients did?

I was participating in a very long conversation on another forum about AirMail and Thunderbird incompatibility. The conclusion is that there is not really a fixed standard, or not one that is adhered to, for how email clients assemble the html, and so it makes it difficult for developers to provide a solution that covers all possibilities.

I find in general that eM Client does a better job, but obviously not in your case.

Can you send me one of these emails so I can see how it appears? Right-click on the email and choose Forward as attachment to

Actually, if you scroll waaay up this thread (from maybe four years ago) you can see some examples I posted. It occurs pretty much any time there are line breaks. So signatures become “unnamed.html” attachments. But additionally, for example, I work in publishing. So sometimes colleagues will send me mail in which they’ve embedded samples of illustrations they want me to view. They’ll embed an illustration, then caption it below. This all gets pushed into separate attachments, or in new versions of eM Client, may just appear beneath three dots. In any case they are invisible when scanning the mail, which has led to some difficulty and confusion. I will suddenly get a mail asking me “which did you choose”, and I’ll send back mail saying “you’ve got to give me something to choose from”, and I end up looking dim. This is a very unwelcome annoyance, but I have learned to live with it more or less.

Correction, my attachments appear in a previous thread on the same topic:

Well the three dots are a way of hiding the replied to or forwarded text. In the body of the email, that is usually a line that is prefixed with >. When viewing in plain text, the replied text is not hidden in this way. I know that has not always been your problem, but it is worth noting.

I did not find any attachments in that thread. Screenshots are not useful, I would like to see the code in an original email. But it is up to you. :slight_smile: