Message showing on inbox but not fully downloaded

When I access a message received, quite often I have the alert saying: Download the message. Message was not downloaded because you are not connected to the server. Which is not true. Message will eventually be downloaded later…What shall I do? Is there any configuration which I am missing ? I have a gmail account and I end up using the regular gmail access to download it…

Hi Antonio –

I found this in the Help archives, posted by an emClient employee:

‘as you say by default the application downloads only headers of your message, in order to download all messages with attachments for offline use, make sure to the option in your account settings. Check the option “Download messages for offline use” and “including attachments” if you want to keep the whole message content for offline use.’


You can find that setting in Menu > Tools > Accounts, then on the IMAP tab for your account.

Thanks for the tips
I did reconfigure as suggested but it still giving me the same answers…
It maybe related to not being linked to the server all the time. How do I change this?
Fact is that I have connection with my server all the time…

I had this once before, but If you click on another message, then click back on the original, it usually displays correctly.

Hi Gary, thanks
It did work in a few cases but not with all cases
Is there any configuration to make the em-client to be hooked up with the mail server continuously?

eM Client uses IDLE IMAP, so it receives changes from the server immediately. In that respect it is continuously connected to the server. I don’t know how that affects the message content not being downloaded when you have selected the offline mode in your settings. The default setting in eM Client is not to download for offline use, and so the message content is only downloaded when you open the message. In that case, if there is some loss of connection with the server after the header was retrieved, I would expect these kind of issues.

I guess all servers are different, and it may be some incompatibility with your server. It would be interesting to know who your providers is, and if anyone with the same provider had similar issues.

It may also be that there is some corruption in the message cache that is affecting this. You could right-click on the folder and choose Properties > Repair, and see if the problem is still there.

If you have a Pro License, it might be useful to open a support ticket with eM Client. They will be able to analyse your logs and hopefully find the cause of the problem.

Gary, thanks
The wird part is that there is no pattern (at least I could not find one). Some messages were downloaded, others not. Sometimes the procedure of going to other message and returns works, sometimes not.
I do not think is related to server.
I will keep investigating
But anyway if I need that message right a way I have to go the gmail browser to get it which is awful