Message repeatadly failed to upload, this might indicate server incompatibility

I spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with the “Operations” window that implies that my e-mail was not sent, but in fact it was sent and I have confirmed that it was received.
When this problem 1st started my paid e-mail service looked at my accounts “log-in” logs, they have advised me that their are no errors, the eM Client error message is always the same “[IMAP]Message repeatadly failed to upload, this might indicate server incompatibility.”

If this is fixed in the next update I might re-evaluate eM Client, This used to be great client software to install as part of my computer support consulting business, unfortunately since version 8 I have stopped recommending and installing eM Client, instead recommending Mailbird which for my customers is not as easy to use as version 7 of eM Client, in addition my customers keep upgrading their eM Client to version 8, causing numerous issues including this issue.
As a tag I have repeated the error message with a more accepted spelling of the word repeatedly
“[IMAP]Message repeatedly failed to upload, this might indicate server incompatibility.”

I have been on many teams that released software for public use, I have many nightmare stories regarding “new version” releases, it not always easy…
I suggest making this notification part of a troubleshooting tool that can be turned off, I’m sure its capable of reporting real problems.

It is now June 2022 and I have the same message - “[IMAP]Message repeatedly failed to upload, this might indicate server incompatibility.”

Also, the system takes many minutes uploading and sending but there is nothing in the inbox or sent folders.

The demo version worked well but its poor since I took out a licence. I am about to uninstall and try something else. Is there anyone out there who is actually pleased with this product?

I am very pleased with eM Client 9 and have zero IMAP issues (including having no upload errors) with my mail provider.

Reading the forum it seems most issues are related to the mail provider, Windows 11 (will run much better when Microsoft releases 2H22 update soon), or a virus scanner blocking email network traffic. Most of those things are out of eM Client’s direct control.

In my case I got a good IMAP email provider, use Windows 10 (no rush to 11, it actually downgrades some functionality), and never had issues with eM Client and Microsoft Defender virus scanner. So those combination of things have been very successfully for myself and have resulted in eM Client 9 being a very good product in my personal experience.


[IMAP]Message repeatedly failed to upload, this might indicate server incompatibility

This can happen if you are eg: trying to send emails with file attachments that are too large for your specific SMTP server or “outside their allowed” sending attachment limit.

So check if you have any messages currently stuck in your outbox with large file attachments.

eg: Some users have got this issue sending attachments aprox 25mb or larger with Gmail which is not allowed so then had to split the attachments to separate emails or use eM Client to send attachments directly from cloud storage.

If you haven’t got any messages with large file attachments stuck in your outbox, then you might have some eg: program possibly interfering with the email trying to upload or a possible account issue in eM Client.

Programs that can interfere with sending or receiving emails with attachments are eg: Optional Antivirus email scanning programs, Firewall / Security programs, VPNs etc. So if you have any of those optional programs installed completely disable those to test to see if eM Client then sends messages ok.

Failing that you might just have some possibly eg: corrupted account in eM Client and need to remove and re-add your email account which should then resolve that issue.

Note: If it’s a POP account before removing, create a folder down in “Local folders” at the bottom left of eM Client called eg: Old mail and drag your POP account mail complete with mail folders down under Old Mail so you don’t loose your POP mail. Then once you Re-add your POP mail account again you can drag backup up your old POP mail to the same new acct POP folders.

if you have more than one POP mail acct, create a eg: Old mail 2 , 3 etc folder under local folders.

Lastly Before removing any account in eM Client backup first via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when the manual backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”.

Thank you lancealot, that has encouraged me no end.

I will persevere. I may simply uninstall and reinstall emClient and take more care. I am reassured knowing of your success.

I’m still using EM client (V 8.2.1706) and I still get the same error, I just ignore the red triangle like its not there. My paid e-mail provider insists its not their problem and EM client cant find anything wrong (they have tried…) and I have run out of time and the desire to get rid of the red triangle. The funny thing (not really!) is that I get no error messages with any other e-mail client on any of my windows, android & IOS systems.
I would love to try version 9 but will probably not install it as I don’t think my license supports the update. If version 9 fixes this issue for other users the problem might be on EMclients side?
I have to admit that EMclient is still the best e-mail client for windows, even with the Red triangle.