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I’m very new to eM Client, but liking what I see so far! Apologies if this has been covered somewhere else, and I’ve missed it.

As I’m coming from Outlook, the one feature I liked that I don’t see here is the ability to preview one or two lines of all (or unread) messages in the inbox. This is different from a message preview to the right or bottom of the screen, and shows a line or two for each message in the inbox. This allows me to scan each message quickly and get an idea of what it’s about before I open it.

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this is not planned in close future as we focus on low data usage in our eM Client and this function requires download all to offline use by default, that is why we synchronize faster than outlook.

I hope this answer your question.


That seems like a very sane & reasonable answer, but I really miss that feature as well. Is there perhaps a way it can be enabled when on a high-speed link and running essentially online?

Hi David, unfortunately there’s no option for this.
As John previously stated this is due to major differences between the client. eM client only synchronizes headers of emails in order to work faster than other solutions. To show part of the message as a preview it would need to download the whole body of the message (there’s no way how it could download just part of it), and to do so, it would take more time to synchronize and download all the data.

With the current setting body of an email is downloaded after you click on it.

There’s a setting that allows eM Client to download all the data immediately (Download messages for offline use), but this too won’t display preview of a message in the list.

I hope this is not an obstacle for you and I hope you can manage to use the current setting, let me know if you have any more questions,

Paul – Thanks for the detailed reply. As a user of Outlook nearly forever, I’ve found Outlook 2013 to be a big step backwards, and have been looking at switching to Emclient. I like the performance & clean interface. FWIW, the features of Outlook I miss (perhaps I haven’t found them) are:

* Message Preview (I’d be fine if this only showed up when I’m online / high-speed)
* Ability to have several windows at once (Calendar, Contacts, Mail in my case)
* Ability to put my Inboxes in a “favorites” type category for easy access
* Option to make the toolbar buttons bigger (or an easier to get to Delete button)
* Cloudmark Integration

My favorite “new feature” that comes with Emclient is native Google integration. With Outlook I have to rely on gSyncit to run in the background & sync my calendar & contacts.

– David

Hi unfortunately with the exception of one, all these features are not available in eM Client.

You can use Smart folders as your favourite inboxes… Either use the Inbox smart folder which collects all your email across inboxes or right click Smart folders and select display > search folders and create new search folder for inboxes you prefer.

Just set up the search folder to either show unread email or all the mail it contains, and you can use it as a favourite folder.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the reply and for the tip on using a Search folder to create inbox-specific folders.

No problem, if youj come across any other questions about the application or issues, let us know we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Using ‘always use compact layout’ and select ‘message preview 3 lines’ does it for me.
edit: didn’t realize this was an old thread