Message opened in a window takes a long time to populate body

eMC 9.2.2093 (6d2fe6b) on Windows 11

When I open an existing message (in my Inbox, for example) by double-clicking it, the window appears with the subject, etc., but the message body takes a long time to appear. It’s like it has to retrieve it all over again, despite the fact it’s already sitting in my Inbox.

Is this normal? Is it really re-retrieved rather than just being read from the eMC database?

Please note – I’m not talking about a new message, freshly received, etc. I’m talking about any existing message that eMC has already fully retrieved, been read, etc. If I click on the message in the list, it appears pretty much instantly in the preview window, but if I double click it takes several seconds for the body to finally appear in the window.


Sounds like that email is still not fully cached locally yet 100% so is it delayes opening.

If you have IMAP email messages with lots of eg: high-res inline images or remote image html content etc in the body of the email those can take time to display / load “depending on the image resolution” and how many images are in the email body. That’s normal & not a fault of eM Client.

You can however (as an option) speed up the process, by settings your IMAP account to “Download messages for offline use including attachments”. This will take alot more space up locally, but will make the read time much faster including when searching attachments.

If you want to do that, go to “Menu / Accounts”. Then click on your account on the left". Next click on the “IMAP” tab at the top, and lastly click the boxes at the bottom marked “Download messages for offline use” and also “Include attachments” for searching in message documents as per the below screenshot Gmail example below. Then save & close accounts.

The only other thing that can sometimes slow reading emails apart from connection speed is eg: Optional Antivirus programs where they are set to automatically scan email real-time and doing that can delay the email being read. So if you have any optional Antivirus email scanning programs enabled try disabling the email scanning part of the program to test, so it’s still resident in memory but not automatically scanning emails

No, the “age” (i.e., time in eMC) isn’t a factor. it happens with emails that were retrieved days ago and even those that are entirely plain text (no graphics at all).

Yep, I already did that when I initially created the accounts after installing eMC.

I’m using Windows Defender, which has no email scanning.

Actually this afternoon there were two emails I opened (three, actually) that opened quickly – The only three so far. They were all retrieved days ago and had previously been slow to populate. Now they’re faster. But, for example, I tried opening the notification email Discourse sent me for this post in a window and it took a while.

All it all it’s not a huge deal since I read 98% of my mail in preview. But it is a bit strange when I open a ‘days old’ email in a window and it takes 3 - 5 seconds to load the body.