Message from '[email protected]'

I received an email from the above email address this morning advising I am about to run out of storage and I need to upgrade now.  Does eMclient run out of storage or is this hoax message? Thanks,

Hi Karen,

That e-mail address doesn’t look reliable.

Did the text in the e-mail mention that eM Client was running out of storage?

How much free space do you still have on your hard disk (which contains the data directory used by eM Client? By default this is the C: drive).

Hi Karen, no eM client does not run out of storage, as all your existing data are saved locally on your computer or on the server if you’re using an IMAP account. However this might be a notification from your mail service provider stating you might be running out of storage on your server.

It is however most definitely unrelated to the application.

Thank you for understanding,