message filter / rule COPY mail to / DATE criteria


I’m testing your email client and my first impression is very good. Usability and some functions are very innovative from my perspective.

But one central issue for me is message-rules. Compared to other mail clients eM has very basic options to define filters. For example it is not possible to copy a mail automatically from the inbox into a  local folder if the message is older than 30 day.

Further more, please add an auto bcc-function.

Thanks for your support.

best, Fab

Hi, you should be able to archive your messages into local folders if they’re older than a selected number of days in the application settings using the automatic archiving feature. Setup an archiving scope to either archive your messages from the inbox, inbox with subfolders or all folders.

The auto-bcc feature should be included in the upcoming release of eM Client 7.

Thank you,

great, thanks Paul for your answer.

Is it possible to archive all messages from inbox in different local folders. And how can i specify this?


Do I have to archive all messages from ibox in lokal inbox and distribute them via messaging rules?

Hi, the automatic archiving feature will automatically create an account subfolder in the archive for each of your account (in case you have multiple accounts that you want to archive), but it is unfortunately not possible to specify to which folder your messages would be archived to.

Not completely sure what you’re referring to as distributing via messaging rules, can you please specify what you had in mind?

Thank you,

Ok, Thanks Paul and sorry for my bad english. I think I got the point.

My question was, if there is a way to move messages from inbox directly into local folders. But i think EmClient needs to creat the account subfolder…

For future updates, it would be great to define the expection “don’t apply rule if message is marked”.