Message "Failed to upload item"

I connect eM Client (v9.2.1222 ca10485) to iCloud contacts. I was able to make edits from either side, iCloud or eM Client, and the changes would successfully sync both directions.
However occasionally when I edit on the eM Client side I get “Failed to upload item” and “The server returned the following message: Unauthorized”.
(Just checked and today it’s working, but overall this is unreliable).
Any suggestions? More likely on the client or server side?

It seems to be an “eM Client” side problem:
I also had sync-troubles after importing calendar items from a “Microsoft Outlook” PST export file. That caused same “unauthorize” messages after, when editing a contact etc…
// solution

remove the iCloud account from “eM Client” / close the App / start it again and configure the iCloud account again with the specific stack for contacts and calendars.

worked perfectly for me (Windows 11 Pro; build 10.0.22621 / eM Client 9.2.1735 (3d90379))strong text

Continue to have this issue.

Would really like create / edit / delete contacts using Windows. But given this unreliability, the feature is effectively limited to editing only using iOS devices and using the Windows copy as “read-only”.

Anyone have tips other than “disconnect” and “reconnect” iCloud? <–which is is OK as a one-time fix, but not a regular habit :slight_smile:


BTW, I am now using 9.2.2093 (6d2fe6b), not the version from the original post.

First the server allows you access to the folder, then immediately it says you can’t do that because you are not authorised.

This is a server error so you will need to ask the provider for assistance. They should be able to tell you why it fails.

Thank you for the response @Gary

In this case the provider is Apple and connecting to iCloud to sync contacts is a feature promoted by eMClient.

So I would hope the eMClient team would find it important to help the cause (by sharing info; I obviously don’t expect eMClient to fix the server side). Again, if not corrected, I have to stop using eMClient as it is intended.

Or perhaps other users have experienced this and have suggestions…?