Message Cutting off Chain of Conversation on Forwards

Version 6.0.21372.0

My Email is set up as Imap.

In my industry we forward long chains of conversations.

I’m in a situation where when I forward the message. The Chain of emails is cut off and the recipient can’t see the previous chain of emails.

I saw this problem expressed over a year ago, but I’m on the latest version.

It began just with outlook reciepients. When I went into outlook setting for the message and had it opened in HTML the whole chain did show up.

Yesterday I forwarded a message to and the Email Chain was cut off.

Any suggestions.

Below are 3 Images
Image 1 is the original email that was forwarded
Image 2 Shows that in Outlook the email was truncated and the forwarded email doesn’t show up. This is Outlook 2007 and the same issue is happening on all workers that are using outlook.
Image 3- is where the email is opened in Outlook/Internet Explorer as a html page. Everything shows up. I’ve tried tweaking settings in outlook but nothing that I do is allowing the forwarded email to show except if it’s opened as a separate HTML Page.

Hi, not completely sure what you’re referring to, can’t seem to find what should be missing in eM Client.
If you’re forwarding or replying to the message, only the content displayed in the received message will be transferred to compose message window when replying/forwarding.


I had the same problem and worked it out.  I’d tried everything and the last thing to try was my signature.  I noticed another emClient user using a similar signature to me.  I deleted my signature and copy and pasted theirs (making name changes etc) and then hey presto my forwarding problem was gone.  All recipients can now see forwarded conversation threads.

Hurray Neen your suggestion worked. Thanks a million.!!
 I originally did my signature in Word and pasted over.

Today I entered in a new signature that was not formatted through word. Problem solved, now my emails are showing the chain.

So I’m thinking that some sort of formatting in Word was causing this problem.

My pleasure, glad it worked for you too.  It had been driving me nuts for ages…very annoying for business emails.