Message content painfully slow to appear

I am running the 8.2.1478 version of eM Client
I have an IMAP account and a fast connection on a fast machine.
I have “download messages for offline use and to search in message bodies” checked in the IMAP account.
When receiving mail, the headers display immediately but the full emails can take minutes to load, even when only text/html.

I see related posts in the forum but was unable to find a ‘primary’ ticket in which this was being discussed/addressed. A great program otherwise, but this is a show-stopper…

EMC: 8.2.1478
OS X: 11.3 (20E232)

As you have the latest release of eM Client for Mac running on Big Sur, that is strange even (text messages) are also taking forever to load in the body of the email.

Do you possibly have any eg: Optional Antivirus Incoming mail scanning running ? Or any other optional resident programs installed checking emails arriving on your computer.

No antivirus, and no other email programs. I’ve been using EMC for mail on a few different accounts (IMAP and exchange), plus caldav/carddav

Suggest then to maybe try the new eM Client Mac build when its out. Hopefully won’t be too far away.

Ps I recently setup an identical eM Client Ver on a 4-5yr old Mac Mini and Big Sur OS for a friend of mine with an IMAP Microsoft account and seems to work normally for him. The only time its a bit slow is when they are reading emails with “very large resolution pictures inline” in the body but that’s normal.