Message above server limit

Starting about 3 days ago I started receiving the error message “[IMAP] message of size 43.4 MB is above server limit of 34.0 MB” in connection with my gmail account. When I clikc on “Edit Item,” I do not recognize the referenced email. My gmail outbox is clear. Please advise.

Click on the "All Mail’ folder under your Gmail account and look for emails with large file attachments. It will more than likely be an email “you have tried to send at one time” with a file attachment or attachments that is eg: 25mb or larger.

The All Mail folder will show you all the large file attachments “no matter where they” are in Gmail.

When you find it, delete it and then clear it from the Gmail trash folder and then close and reopen eM Client.

Apart from that, scroll down to the bottom left to “Local folders” and look in the “Outbox” to see if a large mb email is stuck in there as can also happen if you try to send over the Gmail limit.

So if it’s stuck in the local folder Outbox, delete that and then clear it from the trash folder. Then close and reopen eM Client.

Note: If you cannot see Local folders down at the bottom left, Click “Menu / Settings / General” and check the box “Show Local folders”. Then Save settings and close.

Tried that already. All outboxes and sent folders are clear, and I do not recognize the email the error message identifies as the issue. This just started about a week ago.

As you still cannot find the referenced Gmail specific email, suggest then to contact the Google Mail forum for further assistance to locate it.

Right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair > Repair.

That did it. Thanks a lot