Merging database - Newbie problem

My laptop crashed badly, I installed eM Client onto new laptop with a two month old backup of data and it’s running great (thanks to help on this forum). 

I have now managed to get the data off my crashed laptop - Is there any way I can merge this onto new laptop (bearing in mind that new laptop has some newer data not on old laptop) - Hope that made some sense ?  

There is no simple way to merge two databases without overwriting data, but it can be done with a bit of work. One thing you need to realize is that if your email account is setup as IMAP/Exchange, then your messages from the old database will already be in the new eM Client database. This is really useful as if you lose your computer, your data is stored on a server you won’t ever lose that. The same goes with synced calendars and contacts. All you need to get from the old one is Local Folder data, so those are messages from POP3 accounts or messages you have moved to Local Folders, and items like templates etc.

  1. Backup your current database just to be safe. Use Menu > File > Backup

  2. Copy the recovered C:\Users_yourusername_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client folder from the old laptop to a location on the new laptop, but not to the same location. Say C:\oldem\eM Client.

  3. In eM Client, go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Storage and make a note of the current location. Then change the location of the database directory to the location where you saved the folder from the old laptop - **C:\oldeem\eM Client**.

  4. Disconnect from the Internet and restart eM Client.

  5. You will now be in the old database from you old laptop. You need to remain disconnected from the Internet so that no new data is downloaded to this database. You can now export any data you want to keep. Don’t export messages that are in IMAP/Exchange folders, as those will already have been synced with your new laptop. It won’t work when you are offline anyway. If you want to keep items like Rules or Templates, go to Menu > File > Export > Export settings to xml.

  1. You can do the same with any Local Folder data using Menu > File > Export for messages, contacts, events etc.

  2. When that is done, go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Storage and change the location of the database back to what it was. By default it is   C:\Users_yourusername_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. You may have to enable hidden items in Windows Explorer before you do that otherwise you cannot navigate to the AppData folder in the eM Client dialogue.

  3. Close eM Client, reconnect to the Internet and then restart eM Client. You will now be back where you started in the new database.

  4. Now you can import the data you exported from the old database using Menu > File > Import. . . 

  5. If you missed anything, go back to step 1 and repeat.

  6. When all is done setup automatic backups in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Backup. That way you will have regular backups of local data in case this happens again.