MERGE old and new eMclient data?

Had eMclient running fine. Backed up the eMclient folder in “Roaming.” Reinstalled the OS (Win7). Reinstalled eMclient and it downloaded all my new emails. Question: Is there anyway to Merge the old, backed up .dat files with the new installation, which already has data in the .dat files so that ALL emails, old and new, appear?
Thank you all.

Hi, unfortunately there’s no way how to merge two sets of database files, but you can replace the current one with the old one if you want to see all your data as it was before, but if you used your mail account with empty database there might be some issues with the new emails (for example if you’re using Rules, the new mails wouldn’t be sorted since they’ve already been read).

I hope this was helpful,

Thank you.