Merge multiple calendars into 1 view

I have loaded 3 different email accounts onto eM Client with the intention of doing a pro account after the trial period.

So far so good - only hold up, when I go into calendar view I see all 3 calendars but I do not see an option for “all calendar view” so all 3 calendars are shown on the same layout. Like in Inbox you can do “all inboxes” and get a view of everything merged. Sometimes I want to see all 3 calendars at once (personal, family and work calendar) to look at conflicts when booking appointments.

Any help?

Tick any calendars you want to display.


This example will display all 4 Google Calendars, plus the Local Calendar, each one’s events in the color of the tick box.

it does but maybe I need to be more clear, I want to see the calendars across all 3 google accounts. I have 1 GSuite/Work account and 2 personal Gmail accounts. In your image, imagine there was Gmail2 with its own 4 different color calendars under. I want to see all 8 at the same time, whereas now I need to click on Gmail and see those 4, then click on Gmail2 to see another 4, etc. Can I see all 8 at once?

Whichever calendars you have ticked, will be displayed in the combined view. So if you tick all the boxes for all three Google accounts, all their events from all ticked 8 calendars will be displayed in a combined view using separate colors for each calendar’s events.

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Here is a screen shot -

First I need to click any sub calendar when I flip back and forth. and ideally I’d like to see all 8 of these overlay on 1 calendar without flipping back and forth.

I guess I am missing how to do “combine view”


Just tick the boxes. In your screenshot they are not ticked.


See how they are ticked in my screenshot:


To do that hover the mouse over one of the colored boxes and click the mouse button. The color box will change from unticked to ticked.

ok now I feel stupid, I had done that and the ticks were disappearing. I did IT Support 101 and rebooted and now it seems to be sticking when clicked.