Merge multiple backups in date order, up to current

Hi Friends,
After a long time without using EMC, I renewed my license and before continuing, I immediately had some doubts that I would like to have clarified.
Please I need the following help.
I have some backups dated 2020 with important information, whose folders and messages, after being saved, I deleted from our free email server due to the limited space available.
I made other backups in 2021, 2022 and 2023, carrying out the same deletion process on the free server, always keeping the backups protected in a specific directory, entering an identification name to avoid automatic restores and deleting the originals.
What I need?
Restore some important backups from the past to the most recent, to a new email account (with another [email protected]) hosted on my website.
What I want: migrate and merge all message folders, including attachments from the past, updating everything, without losing any data.
It is possible?
Thank you in advance for your help with this problem. If you cannot restore EMC backups, provide a workaround.

lunes 29 abril 2024 :: 1751hrs (UTC +0100)

The only thing I can think of involves a hell of a lot of work, of course dependant on how many individual emails you need to keep.
Before you start anything be absolutely certain you have a current backup kept somewhere safe. (Menu ->Backup) as you will need this to bring you back to the present day.
Assuming you are now using the latest version of eMC (9.2.2157) you will need to restore each individual backup zip file and export what you want (Menu ->File ->Export ->.eml files. Then when you have everything you need do: Menu ->File ->Import ->Email (.eml) You do not need to Import the .eml files, you can keep them in a folder and double click individual file to open them in eMC.
Maybe someone will have a better idea.

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Dear Skybat,
Thank you for your help.
In fact, I have a lot of information in the mailbox of this free server that I definitely no longer use.
Your suggestion, is Menu ->File ->Import ->Email (.eml) That way, I just import the email. That’s not what I want.
I have all the information in this mailbox, stored in eMC backups, by the most important dates, according to the changes made to the mail server.
What I need is to restore all the old information (folders, emails and attachments) in date order, up to the most current.
This way, if possible:
a) Menu ->File ->Restore ->backup_202012???
b) Menu ->File ->Restore ->backup_202112???
c) Menu ->File ->Restore ->backup_202212???
d) n
e) Today.
For me, it would be great if it were possible to merge each restore, one on top of the other, restoring the emails according to the oldest dates, followed by new ones.
Until I have everything recovered from 2020 to the present day, without losing anything, except of course those that are not the same so that there is no duplication of emails.
Is this possible?
Thank you in advance for your help.


I agree with @skybat on how you can do what you want “using his method” even though it is a long process as he advised.

eM Client is not like an eg: Outlook .pst or .ost files where you can just open those files anytime on the fly and drag stuff out.

See the below official documentation “blog extract” below from the following support page on how you can do a eg: Partial restore with eM Client.

How to do a partial restore

If you only need some of the data from your backup and don’t want to replace everything, you have the option of conducting a partial restore. It’s essential to know how to restore offline and change database locations to begin a partial restore. Here are the steps:

  • Begin by renaming the database (For example ‘eM Client main’).
  • Start the eM Client application on your computer - it will create a new empty database under the old folder name ‘eM Client’.
  • Restore your data from the backup. Completing this action while offline is recommended so that no new messages are downloaded during the process.
  • Locate the data you wish to retrieve. Export the data via Menu > File > Export or use right-click > ‘Save as’ to download it.
  • Shut down eM Client.
  • Delete the database where you restored, named ‘eM Client’.
  • Rename your old database (‘eM Client main’) back to the original name (‘eM Client’).
  • Start eM Client app - it will load your main database back.
  • Finally, import the data you exported via Menu > File > Import or saved to return it to eM Client.

Partial restore is a way to return specific data back to eM Client without losing your current database. It’s not always an ideal option for every situation, but a partial restore is a solution for users who want to restore pieces of data they might have lost without changing their current settings.

Do you still have questions about automatic backups or restoring backups? Reach out to our support to get advice, take a look at our video about automatic backups to learn more about how you can save your information!

Dear Cyberzork,
Thank you very much for your suggestion and for reinforcing what Skybat recommended.
I’ll read it very carefully and follow the steps carefully.
I apologise in advance for any delay I may have in presenting the results of carrying out these procedures.
I’ll let you know soon.