Merge contacts from 2 different mail accounts?

Before posting, I did a forum search but didn’t come up with a definitive answer.

I have an Exchange account, and a Gmail account, both set up in eM Client. Each account has its own contact list.

Frequently, I have to travel to other locations and use other computers, which forces me to use webmail for both of these accounts. I have to bring up 2 browser windows, one for Gmail and one for OWA (Exchange). This is a problem, because some contacts are in Gmail, others are in Exchange. If I need to email one of my Gmail contacts using my Exchange account, I have to search my contacts, then copy/paste. And vice versa.

Is there a way to have eM Client merge and sync the contacts of these 2 separate email accounts, so that both mail accounts have a full copy of all contacts combined? Meaning eM Client would push all my Exchange contacts to Gmail, and push all my Gmail contacts to Exchange-- so there is a full contact set in both accounts. I don’t mean manually copy contacts from one account to the other, I mean auto-sync whenever eM Client is running.

Any adds/deletes/changes made to a contact in webmail in one account, would automatically get synced to the other account through eM Client (which is always running on my desktop at home, even when I’m away).

Is this possible, and if so, how?

I don’t mean manually copy contacts from one account to the other, I mean auto-sync whenever eM Client is running

Normally as they are both separate cloud accounts you “would manually export” whatever contacts you don’t have in one account online to the other account contacts online and visa vesa.

I also have a Gmail & Outlook EWS account and have done just that years ago that make the contacts the same in both. Very easy to do.

That is the proper way to do that so they contacts are the same. Mail clients don’t normally automatically sync different cloud contacts realtime when using them “unless you manually combine them” that I am aware off.

You can also export & import contacts, copy & paste contacts etc directly in eM Client if you prefer & don’t want to do that all online.

The reason for regular sync is the company CRM only works with Gmail, but the official company email runs on Exchange.

The CRM manipulates Gmail contacts, so that means every day some Gmail contacts are going to change, putting them out of sync with the copy in my Exchange contacts.

Similarly, if I make a change to a contact in Exchange, the Gmail copy will be out of sync.

I’m really trying to find a way that when a contact is updated in one mail system, the corresponding contact is updated in the “other” mail system.

Exporting / Importing is not viable as a manual option, because of constant effort, PLUS if a change is made in Gmail and Gmail contacts are exported to Exchange, any changes in Exchange will be overwritten by the older version from Gmail. And vice versa. WAY too much work to export/import every day.