Mentioning the recipient in the email with '@'

The other email clients allow mentioning a recipient in the email (when you compose it) with the ‘@’ sign. In the other words, I type ‘@Sam Simpson’, and the recipient receives an email with notification he/she was mentioned there. Is there a possibility to do the same in eM Client? Whenever I type ‘@’ it does nothing. Please advice.


eM Client doesn’t do that, but I remember someone else asking about it before.

I was interested to see how that works but was not able to find an email client that does it. Which ones have you experience with Alex?

I’m sure I saw this feature in Outlook 2016.
@name is used for mentions, much like in WhatsApp, so if you type it in the body, a list of names pops up and the address is added to the To field. Not 100% sure though.

Edit: Found a link:

Yeah, I think that it was a discussion concerning MS Outlook where I saw it mentioned, but I don’t use that application.

Still haven’t seen it in action, but from my understanding of how it works, I think it would be a great feature to add to eM Client.

Hope you don’t mind Alex, but I changed this thread to a Feature Request. :wink:

Thank you @Gary for changing this thread to a Feature Request.
I discovered in my other PC a quite recent version of Mailbird (v. which offers this feature (I can’t say about previous or subsequent versions). I’m not advertising this app but that was the runner-up when I went for eMC (as it has a way better UI and much more personalization possibilities, in addition to this wonderful forum.)
eMC developers should seriously consider implanting this feature in 8.2, and even sooner if possible.

As you can see below, when you type it in the body (in my example I only typed letter M, a list of names pops up. What is really interesting is that letter (or letters) could be anywhere in the first name, last name, or the email address. I didn’t push it further but I wonder if the search includes other fields in the contacts database.

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It would be nice to have this feature in an app in the near future.

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Is is done or it it in the works?

Ah yes the attention @ i also use that alot in Github and Trello messaging tickets as well. Its a great feature for mail clients in a workgroup setting.