Memory Usage - 990MB+

Latest downloaded version of 7 (8/25/2016) did the conversion from 6.x in about an hour.  It’s to be expected, as I’ve got around 30 IMAP boxes being checked (anywhere from 27-34, since they change frequently).  This usually ran around 190MB max on 6.x…

However … Memory usage overnight on 7 is such that even though the program is “running” in Task Manager, it doesn’t display that’s running from the Task Bar.  The only way to get it started again is to kill the small new task, and the memory-leaked task which is taking up nearly 1GB of RAM in Task Manager.  I’ve had to do this twice today … Something’s clearly not right.

Same here, I have version 7 installed, and the application is running multiple instances as the following:-
 2 instances using 95.5 MB ,  4 instances using 97.5 MB and one instance using 940 MB with a total of 1521 MB, this is abnormal as I never seen any regular mail client using this big amount of memory ! at the end it might not even run as it might require more memory than what is installed in my system, Please look into this and fix it at the earliest since if this is not solved soon, the application will render useless in the very near future