Meeting invites without description


if I create a meeting with a meeting description (e.g. agenda and vc link) the reciever is not able to see the meeting description. In this case the reciever uses outlook.

Any idea how to sort this out?


That depends on what type of calendar the original event is saved in, because the calendar server is responsible for sending the invitation if it is online, or eM Client itself if it is a local calendar.

I did a test inviting an user to a meeting.

  1. When the event was saved in a Local Folder, eM Client created the invite and it did not include the description.

  2. When the event was saved in my Google Calendar in eM Client, the server created the invite and it did include the description.

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Thank you for this clearification. I am using a local folder.

Is there a way to send invites with a description while using a local calendar?

No, I think that is a limitation of eM Client.

Thank you for the respone