Meeting invite does not work

When someone sends me a meeting invite, I see an empty message with no attachments or meeting info, and nothing on the Invitations tab. However, I receive the correct invitation in Outlook.
Any idea what ́s wrong?

Hi Bernard,
can you please share more information about your situation? What version are you currently running? What account does this happen on?

Best regards,

Hi Olivia, thanks for the quick response.
I am running version 6 (6.0.23181) on Windows 10.
This happens when a colleague sends me an invite from Outlook, from an external corporate account. The email notification I get in eM comes blank, while I can see the invite and Accept/Reject buttons if I open it in Outlook.

Actually I just ran a few tests, sending invites to myself from eM to Outlook and from Outlook to eM (using different accouns of mine, including corporate and gmail).
And I did get all invites correctly in both. So could the problem be with the sender? or how I receive his message?..
Any idea?

Best regards

Hi Bernard,
thank you for all this information, might be a problem with sender’s mail service…
Could you please try and update to this release >… and see if the issue persists?

thank you and best regards,