Meeting Invitations Aren't Sent When I Create an Event in My iCloud Calendar

I installed eM looking for something better than Outlook for sync’ing with my iPhone. Before I synced directly from Outlook to the iPhone, but that was hinky. Now I sync eM to iCloud and then the phone to iCloud. Anyhow, when I create a meeting in eM in my iCloud calendar, I’m not given the option to send invitations to meeting attendees, although invitations send fine from my local calendar. Is there a way to fix this, or alternatively, is there a way to sync my local calendar with my iCloud calendar so I don’t have to jack around with two calendars?

Hi John, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you check for the exact version number in Help > About?
If I understand this correctly whenever you create a meeting in eM Client on your iCloud calendar you’re unable to add more attendees to the event on your iPhone?

To synchronize your iCloud calendar between your iPhone and your computer, all you should have to do is to setup the account on both of your devices using the automatic setup.

After you do so a CalDAV service should be setup allowing you to synchronize the calendar with the server, however there’s no option to synchronize multiple calendars with a single service nor any option to merge your calendars.

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The version is 6.0.21040.0.

No, what I’m saying is that when I create a meeting in eM Client on my iCloud calendar, eM Client does not send out meeting invitations to the contacts I’ve included in the meeting. i.e., it does not ask whether I want to send invitations. It simply saves the meeting. This problem is exclusive to my iCloud calendar. In other words, if I create the meeting in a local eM calendar, I’m able to send meeting invitations out no problem.

The whole reason I’m evaluating eM is that, apparently by design, when syncing with Outlook, neither iCloud nor a direct sync to my iPhone will include attendees/invitees for meetings I create in Outlook. The only way that works is if I’m actually on an Exchange server, which I have no other need for. My hope is that the sync between eM and iCloud will resolve this problem, but obviously if I can’t send invitations, it won’t.

Hi John, sorry for my belated reply, you’re unfortunately right this indeed seems to be an issue for iCloud accounts only. I’ve successfully replicated the issue and reported the issue to the developers, I’ll keep you posted as soon as I get more information about the issue or once an update with a fix is released.

Thank you for reporting the issue and sorry for the inconvenience,