Meeting-Invitation: correction, question and a suggestion. (for the german Version)


Today I received a Meeting-Invitation.
I am still excited that eM-Client knows how to handle such messages :slight_smile:


  • The Start- and End-Time of the meeting are shown in hours, minutes and seconds?
    (I don ́t think that much precision is necessary :slight_smile:

  • The Wording in the topmost line (grey Background) does stylistically not match the one on the bottom. (“einladen zu”  vs. “einladen für”   (for me: “einladen zu” is correct))

  • The Line on the bottom (gray Background) has a typo. (“ein” vs “eine”)
    (regardless how you decide about the wording-thing mentioned above…)


I did not see an option to reply (accept, deny…) with text.

Accept and include:
“Thanks for the invitation. If you also want to discuss XYZ, please let me know in time: I will prepare the necessary Documents… bla bla bla…”

eM-Client: 7.0.27920.0

best regards

Hello Fritz,
I have forwarded the issue with the typo/translation to our German translator so it should be corrected in one of the future updates.

As for the time, the information in the invitation is generated by the server, so it’s not our need for precision, but the server using a full date-time format :wink:

As for the text reply - if the invitation is received from the organizers address you can message them manually.
The purpose of this invite is to send the Accept/Decline info that can synchronize to their web calendar.


Thank you.