McAfee not detecting/intercepting SPAM

I am very impressed that eM has not only imported my Eudora emails but also my many filters. Kudos! However, I am not sure why McAfee can’t detect eM as my client. Together, McAfee and Eudora made my life a lot easier with SPAM detection. Is there some kind of registration eM needs to do so McAfee recognizes it? I assumed it put itself between any POP3 app.

Hi Chris,
I’m afraid I can’t really help you regarding how to set McAfee or why it does not recognize our software and there is no settings in eM Client that would change this that I’m aware of.
eM Client has it’s own SPAM filter rule that is applied after your server rules. I recommend contacting someone from McAfee if this is a serious complication for you though.

Best regards,