McAfee loaded when activating Free Version

I hope I am wrong, or it may change my view of emClient for a roll-out company wide. Due to the Draconian licensing arrangement I decided to use the Free Version at home to supplement full licenses at work. My wife was first to set-up and after registering for the free emClient, we discovered that evil McAfee lurking (second only to Norton as an unwelcome guest). I HOPE THIS WAS NOT THE DOING OF emClient. PLEASER, PLEASE assure me you are not in a relationship with scam companies like that. Why should I risk my company network to you if you are?

Hi David, if I understand this correctly, McAffee was installed with eM Client on your computer? I can assure you we are not in any relation with this software company and our software is sold separately with no connection to McAffee, in fact McAffee can occassionaly cause issues while using the application as it may block the connection to your email server.

Thank you,

I appreciate your quick responses and it gives me confidence to use the product further. No idea how McAffee was downloaded, but VERY pleased it is not part of your install.

Thank you for your support, and make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.